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I am digital, therefore I am.

I have considered publishing this piece for several weeks now; there is a kind of social media fascism that suggests I might come in for some stick, but I can't be the only person who finds the term "Social Media" deeply ironic. Let's be frank; social media is 99% dross and I can think of several really very bad things about it and only one or two positives. In the hands of children and the young it is often toxic and corrosive, a cyber turd in the school bag or worst of all, inducement to suicide. In the hands of adults it has become all consuming, obsessive and a vehicle for the dreariest broadcast of the dullest incidents in life. Social media has essentially packaged the human race into digital pouches within which we don't really exist; The Matrix writ large. This video takes the principle to its fullest conclusion

If social media had remained a diversion, a fun way to communicate, then it wouldn't be getting my hackles up, …