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What's your poison?

Some of you may know that at OHP, James has become our resident mixologist, inventing along with his wife Angela, cocktails for each opera. Members of the tasting panel (me and a couple of members of the team) have to go through an arduous process of trying out different iterations of each creation before we give it the rubber stamp....ahem

So it is with some pleasure that we learn James has arranged for one of his inspirational figures, Tony Conigliaro to do something similar in the theatre on 30th July. The copy below is hot off the press and hasn't gone on our website yet, so consider this a sneak preview, you lucky people.

What's not to like? Very special and very exclusive. Don't miss it.

Cocktails and Opera!

Opera Holland Park is proud to announce a spectacular evening of world-class mixology and glorious opera.


No list of London's best cocktail bars is complete without mention of Tony Conigliaro. An expert alchemist and award-winning barman, his inventive drinks at 69 Colebrooke Row and Grainstore Restaurant have put Tony at forefront of the cocktail world. He is famous for his stylish spins on classics, for new classics of his own invention, drinks based on their perfume and groundbreaking savoury drinks.


We are delighted to announce that Tony has accepted OHP's invitation to create a cocktail inspired by one of this season's operas - Adriana Lecouvreur. Such an effervescent opera with chemicals and violets at its heart should give Tony ample room to demonstrate his skills with flavours and cocktail technique.


On 30th July there will be an exclusive opportunity for audience members to that night's performance of Cilea's magnificent and heartbreaking opera to hear Tony talk about the cocktail he has created for us - and to try it. Places are very limited at this exclusive pre-show event which will be a rare chance to hear direct from Tony Conigliaro about his work.


The event will take place in the stylish Dutch Garden Lounge, overlooking the formal gardens of the park and begins at 6.15pm. The opera begins at 7.30pm.

It promises to be a real treat for lovers of cocktails and opera alike.


Cocktail and Opera package price £70


To book one of the limited space click this link. The promotional code is automatically entered. Just follow the instructions – if you have difficulties, telephone the box office on 0300 999 1000


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